WPC Deck

Long Lasting WPC Deck to Boost the Beauty of Your Garden

The outdoor area of homes and commercial places experiences all types of weather. Hence, they require flooring that could withstand all climates and last long. WPC deck is best for pergolas and patios as it has all the desired properties for exterior area floors.

What is WPC Deck?

WPC deck is the best alternative, made from wood and plastic composites. This product is popular among builders, landscapers, interior designers and others, mainly because it replicates timber, but does not require the same maintenance. This type of deck works well for residential and commercial places as they are certified as Slip rated Decks.

Advantages of using WPC Deck

WPC decks are gaining popularity among home and commercial property owners. Few reasons for this include:

  • Low maintenance: The composite decks work well for areas like Gazebos in Melbourne, as it needs very low maintenance. You need not worry about sanding, staining or painting. Soap and water cleaning once in a few days are enough to maintain its look. At times, the deck may show water stains that disappear after they experience rain. A detailed clean may be needed in a warm climate as the stains are clearly visible.
  • Durability: this go-to material is designed to provide maximum durability. The important features include resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mould. It is safer for families with pets and children as it does not rot, crack or warp.
  • Aesthetics: The unique and great looking patterns along with elegant colours, make the most sought after decks. The hues in this regard range from bright red and pristine greys to more earthy shades. The other accessories like Fire rated Cladding, stairs, gates and furniture can be matched easily with the decks.
  • Sustainability: The decks are made from recycled products, but provide look and feel of fresh timber. Wood scraps and recycled plastic content are the raw materials for this product
  • Value: Though the initial cost may be a bit higher than the timber products, the cost of ongoing maintenance is very low. The deck with composite wood could last for more than 10 years without any maintenance.

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