Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

Natural looking Wood Composite Cladding to enhance the exterior look

The exterior wall cladding for a building plays a crucial role in enhancing its beauty. As an owner, you would always look for options that speak of your taste and quality.

Wood Composite Cladding is one option that you can choose. It not only increases the beauty of the property but known as fire rated cladding that works well for homes and other commercial places.

The wooden composite is made from a unique combination of recycled plastic and timber. Thus, making the product highly durable, but with little or no maintenance. The Bal 25 Cladding panels can be interlocked in such a way that there would be no water leakage.

Benefits of Using Composite Cladding

This front line innovation gives numerous advantages, including:

  • Resistance to fading: The remarkable detailing of the shield ensures that it will hold its dynamic, top-notch hues for any longer than normal composite decking items. It provides UV rays protection as well.
  • Parting obstruction: The impervious layer of the top likewise keeps the surface from splitting, which builds the life span of the item.
  • Stain opposition: If you spill something on your composite siding – even wine, espresso or oil – it won’t recolour. On account of its defensive shield, the sheets will never absorb fluids, so it would be easy for you to clean up the mess.
  • Mould resistance: The shield additionally offers protection from mould, and dew. The two of which are known to destroy wooden sheets in very short duration.
  • Imperviousness to fire: Unlike conventional wooden sheets, composite cladding is heatproof and does not catch fire easily.
  • Protection from pests: Many pests, including termites, carpenter ants and carpenter honey bees, like to make wood tunnels into the timber boards. Fortunately, the unique composite product ensures against these intruders are kept away and do not damage structures resembling Wooden Patios.
  • Low upkeep: Your shield contains multi-chromatic hues, so you won’t ever need to sand, oil or paint it.

Wood Plast is popular with its customers for its amazing products made from Co extrusion Wood Composite that resemble like Wooden Gazebos, but perform better than the original material.

Sizes & Dimension

  • Profile Code: SW-3001
  • Dimension: 125mm×20mm
  • Standard Thickness: 2.4 mtr/8’
  • Standard Colour: Red, Black, Teak, Beach White
  • Surface Finishing: Brushing
  • Profile Code: SW-3002
  • Dimension: 125mm×20mm
  • Standard Thickness: 2.4 mtr/8’
  • Standard Colour: Red, Black, Teak, Beach White
  • Surface Finishing: Brushing, Sanding, Wooden Effect
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