Wall Cladding

Tools Required: You can use wood working machinery for cutting, sawing, drilling and so on.

Bases Requirements: Walls should be solid, stable, smooth and level. High points must be removed, and low points filled with filler. Do not install on hollow or uneven areas.

Screws must be galvanized or stainless steel to resist corrosion or rust for external application, and it is recommended to be long enough to penetrate joist (wood substrate)at least 1-1/2.



Screw Specifications

Concrete Wall

50X6mm expansion bolt

Steel Wall

50X6mm self-tapping screw

Wooden Wall

50X6mm self-tapping screw

Installation Process:

Before installing the wall panel onto the concrete wall or brick wall, it needs to install the joist onto the wall firstly. (The aluminium alloy or steel frame or small wood bar as the joist is also okay) Sometimes, the WPC wall panel can also be installed onto the wall directly according to the permission of architect. And the steel/wooden wall can be installed the WPC wall panel directly.

Fixing the wall panel onto the joist one by one with screw or clip.

Notes: Joist – the span of each two joists is normally 350mm~400mm; it can be also adjust according to the project request.

Solution to external corner

Solution: Cutting the external corner edge of wall panel into 45-degree angle (Refer to the Pictures), then paste them together.

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