Deck Flooring

Preparation: Before start installing, ensure that the ground is solid, smooth (The recommended deviation should less than 5 mm) and clean. For muck foundation, it is necessary to lay a solid substrate; for the concrete ground, to avoid cracking or subsidence when drilling hole on the joist, you should guarantee their thickness? 6cm. Besides, screws must be galvanized or made from stainless steel, ensuring that they won’t rust. 

When installing products, you can use woodworking machinery for cutting, sawing, drilling and so on. (electric saw, hammer, drill etc.)

Accessories Clip (stainless steel clip or plastic clip), Screw and Joist.

Installing the Joists: The joist should be fixed onto the hardening ground with screw and keeping the joists in parallel.

Hollow decking: 30~35cm (11.81in ~13.78in).

Solid decking: 35~40cm (11.81in ~13.78in).

Joist spacing can also be shortening as requested.

Keep about 5mm span between the joists ends as below picture.

Installing Deck Floor: Install the WPC decking onto the joist. And considering of the natural expansion and adequate air circulation, the following are allowed:

Allow a 45mm side to side spacing between boards.

Allow a 4-8mm gap between decking boards and any other structure such as a house or walls.

Allow a 2-5m gap between board ends.

With the clip and screw to fix the WPC decking floor (stainless steel clip or plastic clip). Drilling should be smaller than the diameter of the screw diameter of 3/4 in order to increase the self-tapping screws grip of the nails.

Knock the decking gently with the application of rubber hammer during construction to make sure of an equal gap and beautiful construction surface.

You can connect the groove and joist with self-tapping screws if the clips are unavailable to the connection of the joist and decking.

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