Alternative To Timber

WPC: Excellent Alternative to Timber

A few years ago, timber was the only material used for decking. Homeowners had a wide range of timber species to choose from that vary with look and price as well. Though the material has a great aesthetic appeal, with regular wear and tear, the look and dine would fade giving it a worn-out look. The decks would need soiling and a new coat of varnish to get the previous new look.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is considered as an Alternative to timber. Though it is a man-made product, the look of the product is such that it would have the natural grains and colours of natural timber, but with additional benefits.

Difference between timber and WPC deck

  • Cost: The price of decks for Gazebos in Melbourne is surely dependent on the type of wood. Softwood decking is cheaper than hardwood. The cost of WPC is similar to hardwood, but it does not require any additional items like stains or oil to maintain its best look.
  • Environmental impact: Timber is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly product in the construction field. All materials made from timber would be able to decompose easily. However, timber would require cutting a lot many trees, which is not desired. WPC deck is made from scraps of wood and plastic, thus help in recycling the waste products.
  • Look and feel: Timber and WPC provide its users with a wide range of options in Deck colours. Users can choose as per their taste and budget. The natural-looking timber is less slippery and available in hues that can be matched with home interiors easily. Every board of the same variety of composite would be same in hue and pattern, but it is difficult to find similar looking boards in natural timber.
  • Maintenance: Timber can last a lifetime, but would require frequent maintenance to maintain the look and keep it safe from fungus and termites, which can be expensive in the long run as it should be done quite frequently. Composite decks are known to last for 15-20 days but require very low maintenance.
  • Strength: This is only one drawback of composite material. The decks would require additional support than timber decks. It is mainly to prevents sagging or breakages.

These factors prove that timber decks are better than original wood in a number of ways.

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