Deck Flooring

Deck Flooring

Slip-resistant decking in Melbourne for Patios and Gazebos Every home in Australia has an outdoor space, where people relax, entertain…

Deck Tiles

Deck Tiles

Woodplast wooden deck tiles and composite deck tiles are a quick and easy solution for changing landscape areas and housetops.…

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

Natural looking Wood Composite Cladding to enhance the exterior look The exterior wall cladding for a building plays a crucial…

Pergola & Gazebo

Pergola & Gazebo

Uniquely styled Gazebos in Melbourne for your Outdoor space Are you looking for adding an architectural element to your outdoor…



Woodplast railing helps to shield garden areas from creatures and allows you to customise your outdoor space. Woodplast is a…



Combining the style of regular wood with the sturdiness of composites, Woodplast louver profiles can withstand the impacts of weathering,…



Wood Plast Garden Benches are ideal for adding a distinct touch to the garden areas. We share glorious credentials in…

Exterior Gate

Exterior Gate

Woodplast offers a range of WPC boards with the normal appearance of wood combined with high-strength qualities, ideal for landscaping…

Welcome to Wood Plast

Woodplast provides the highest quality wood polymer composite products for the Australian construction industry. Woodplast is a proactive and dynamic organisation with the goal of delivering eco-friendly options that don’t compromise on feel or quality.

Our wood composite panels are manufactured in India by a group of experienced planners, labourers and experts who work together to construct and assemble the finest products. Wood polymer composite is strong, low maintenance and appropriate for any climate condition. With this durable material, you’ll never have to worry about spoiling or rotting again.

What makes Woodplast especially extraordinary is its eco-friendly benefits. Wood composites are made from reused plastic and wood fibre materials. This eliminates the need to use timber sourced from felling trees while providing an effective method of reusing plastic, helping to reduce plastic waste.


Low Maintenence

The products at Wood Plast are made from wood composite. The material is an excellent alternative to timber but looks exactly like the richest looking flooring option. The problem with wood flooring is that it needs frequent maintenance, which is not required for WPC boards. The engineered wood products can be used for gazebos, outdoor deck flooring, railing, benches, louvres, outdoor cladding etc. Water and a damp cloth is the maintenance that this material requires, so this is gaining popularity…

Eco Friendly

The experts consider the WPC boards as a green solution for outdoor decks and cladding. The raw materials used for making these boards are scraps that need to be disposed of in the landfills. These products help in saving trees that are generally cut to make wooden boards for the same purpose. They further reduce carbon prints that are left behind by items like plastic and wood waste. No other harmful chemical is used that may enter the human body…


WPC product is a combination of wood and plastic. Wood and plastic scraps are recycled to make the boards. Since it contains both plastic and it is known to have the important characteristic of both the raw materials. The two raw materials are mainly selected because of their strength and durability in nature. This is the reason it is popularly known as engineered wood. A Shiny coat of veneer can be applied to wood, to make it alluring for everyone.…

Resistance To Insects

WPC boards are 100 per cent certified as termite-proof and waterproof. This ensures that the product is durable and no external element like insects and termites can cause harm to the product easily. This feature gains importance in areas that are more prone to termite attacks. The constituents of the material are such that they do not corrode like metal; rot, decay or decay like timber. Thus, it becomes a favourite choice among property owners as it would last long…

Easy Installation

Wood Past provides the WPC products in the form of boards. The experts from our place can easily install the floor or the cladding with ease. The time requires is also very less, when compared to other materials. The decks of patios, gazebos and other outdoor living areas can be made attractive. We offer a huge collection of textures and shades that can please you and your family, you will be confused so much that you will not be able…

Non Slip Surface

Wood Plast provides owners with a wide range of choice in terms of shades and textures. Consumers can be rest assures that each and every pattern and texture are slip-resistant, especially when exposed to water or other forms of moisture. The material may absorb small quantities of water, but the rest is repelled away, just not allowing a slippery layer to form. This is one reason why people love to have this rich looking flooring for their decks and patios.

Non Flamble

This one important feature of the WPC board would make it a popular choice among owners and interior designers. This material is known for its unique nature of flame retardant performance. Doors, floor, decks, gates and other architectural segments made from WPC do not catch fire, so they play a major role in fire prevention. It is mainly designed to improve the safety of the property by many folds. They are self-extinguishing and do not ignite a fire when it…

Water Resistance

Boards made from a composite of wood and plastic are water-resistant. They do not allow water to stick to the surface but repel moisture as well. It would make the material slip-resistant. It also does not allow rotting, decaying or any other form to decay the quality and life of the boards. The polymer-based product works best for areas that experience lot of water, like areas around swimming pools, decks, patios, gazebos etc. You can visit us to check various…

Temprature Resistance

As per the requirement, the boards can be moulded into different shapes and sizes, giving the designer flexibility to show off his creativity are making pieces that would look rich and have a top-class finish. The WPC boards can be used on areas that are exposed to sunlight, as they do not crack or warp like other options. The look will also not be hampered for many years. A fresh coat of paint or polish would be enough to restore…

Resistance to Fungi and Becteria

Any type of fungus or bacteria would require proper temperature and moisture to grow. Since the WPC boards are resistant to moisture, they would not support the growth of fungi and bacteria. This would avoid tensions for homeowners, that overexposure to moisture would cause decaying of the flooring and would not last long. If you wish, you can add paint or texture paint to the surface to enhance the beauty and for increased protection. It is a maintenance-free product; so…

High UV Resistance

Experts are of the belief that the WPC boards are best for areas that are more prone to sunlight as they do not absorb UV rays, but reflect them. This property makes it popular for people to use them as flooring for patios, pool surroundings and other areas where people would love to enjoy a sunbath or spend some relaxing time with their friends and families. The other striking feature is that it is weather resistant and can tolerate all…

Our Testimonials

Top Class Elegant Wood Composite Products For Extended Home

All products of Wood Plast give a glimpse of divine nature. They are mainly popular among their users for their eco-friendly nature, durability and low-maintenance.

We specialize in the making of the unique material called as Wood composites. This material is made from the scraps of wood and plastic those mainly are known to fill empty spaces. Latest equipment is used to recycle the waste materials and turn them into decorative and highly durable items like gates, louvers, cladding material, flooring etc.

Why Is Wood Plast Eco-Friendly?

Wood Plast is one of the leading manufacturer of wood composite. Though all the products are known for their durability and strength, they are made from scraps of wood and plastic. Not a single tree is cut for making of this amazing material. The other advantage of this product is that we try to limit as much waste as possible.

We take pride to say that we reuse water in all possible ways, this helps in conserving water. Our factories use latest technologies and so their emissions is almost zero. We also take care that no chemicals used by us are leached into the ground.

Unique and stylish products of Wood Plast

Wood Plast manufactures a wide range of products that can be used for outdoor space, both for residential and commercial as well. Almost all the products are available in a wide range of colours, that suit every owner’s choice. Most common products that we deal with include:

  • Deck flooring: WPD deck for patios and areas around swimming pool is best as they are slip resistant along with other features.
  • Pergola and Gazebos: You can choose light- weight Wooden Patios to extend the beauty of your garden.
  • Wall cladding: Natural looking wood composite cladding is one the popular trend. The added advantage is that it is certified as Bal 25 Cladding.
  • Railings: We help you to customise your space and provide maximum protection to patios and balconies.
  • Louvers and external gates: WPC boards are a combination of regular wood with strength and low maintenance products to enhance safety and protection.

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